Hartley's AM

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  • Durata: 5 Ore (aprox.)
  • Locatie: Cairns, QLD
  • Cod produs: PSSWPT

AM Hartley's Crocodile Adventures Tour

<This tour operates a minimum of 2 passengers, for single passenger bookings, please kindly wait for confirmation from us in regards to your order.>

The LARGEST ZOO in Cairns

Set in an amazing, natural Eucalypt forest, with landscaped walkways, Hartley's Crocodile Adventures is the best location to see most of the Aussie animal favourites in the single location! Includes the famous Hartley's Crocodile boat ride, where huge Saltwater Crocodiles are hand fed from the pole, jumping high out of the water to snatch the bait! All animals can be viewed up close and personal with the chance to get your photo professionally taken with the animals (for an extra fee).

Most beautiful coastal drive - Great Barrier Reef Drive

The drive up to Hartley's Zoo hugs the coastline with beautiful scenery, rated often as in the top 10 coastal drives in Australia.

AM, PM or FULL DAY, your choice!

Join us for either an AM, PM, or FULL DAY tour. Lunch and beverages can be purchased from the fully licenced restaurant which has excellent views of the Crocodiles cruising along the river, meters from where you dine. Cairns hotel transfers are supplied by our comfortable coaches.


  • 08:30   Departs from Cairns
  • 09:30   Arrives Hartley's Crocodile Adventures
  • 11:50   Departs from Hartley's Crocodile Adventures
  • 13:00   Back to Cairns


  • Cairns Hotel Pickup and Drop Off
  • Entry to Hartley's Crocodile Adventures
  • Entertaining Commentary 
  • Crocodile Boat Ride
  • All shows and performances in Hartley's


  • Koala Photo is available with customer's own expense



哈特利鱷魚探險樂園 (半日) (英文團)

早上8:30出發 / 下午12:45返回


司機導遊從酒店接過客人後,從凱恩斯市區出發到哈特利鱷魚探險樂園。沿途風光明媚,在著名的大堡礁路上(Great Barrier Reef Drive),你還有機會看見一望無際的大海,景色令人心曠神怡。約一小時的車程便會到達哈特利鱷魚探險樂園。行程包括鱷魚遊船體驗,遊客能近距離觀賞鱷魚餵食表演,絕對不容錯過!費用包括市區酒店往返接送,入場費用和遊船體驗。


  • 凱恩斯最大、動物種類最多的動物園
  • 含鱷魚遊船體驗,近距離觀賞鱷魚餵食表演
  • 多個動物表演秀
  • 可自費與考拉合照
  • 在著名的大堡礁路上欣賞沿海景色
  • 費用包括酒店接送服務
  • 專業司機導遊帶團,玩得安心盡興


  • 08:30   從凱恩斯出發
  • 09:30   到達哈特里鱷魚公園
  • 11:50   從公園離開
  • 13:00   到達凱恩斯市區


  • 凱恩斯市區酒店接送
  • 公園門票
  • 司機導遊沿路講解


  • 酒店接送限於市區內
  • 每天開團 (12月25日除外)
  • 巴士上為英語導覽,提供中文小冊子讓旅客了解一切基本事項及介紹
  • 建議穿著步行鞋
  • 自備防曬乳、戴帽子、和穿著舒適輕便服
  • 雨傘或雨衣 (如天氣預報當天為下雨天)
  • 小額現金和信用卡以便當天購買紀念品和小吃
  • 外套(適用於冬天)
  • 相機 (你會拍到很多很多很美的照片!)